How it Works

This isn’t your average book club… it’s something more than that!

We’re building a community of like-minded people around the love of books and all things Scotland. This isn’t a book club where you say you’ll read the monthly book and then sort of forget about it! Instead, it’ll keep you motivated, inspired, and connected, give you something you can do just for yourself, and open you up to new experiences.

So how does it work?


Join our Facebook Group! This is where most of the things related to the Book Club take place, although be sure to give us your email to be the first to hear about exciting extra events like author chats, or book giveaways.


Read the monthly book! We choose this from a huge range of books with a connection to Scotland, whether it be the author or the setting. There are so many amazing books to choose from!


On the last Thursday of the month, we chat about the book, just like any other book club! This “chat” takes place in our Facebook Group so you can have your say and catch up later if you can’t make it.

It’s as simple as that. It’s time to put down the throw-away airport book gathering dust by your bed and join like-minded people for a wee chat.

Give your love of Scotland and reading the kick start it deserves.

Books and plants on a bookshelf

How do we choose our books?

We have always enjoyed pushing our boundaries and keeping the books we read varied and exciting.

Here at the Scotland Book Club, we don’t focus on any one genre. We pick books for their merit, their ability to showcase a fascinating story and how well they immerse you in Scotland.

It could be describing life on the streets of Glasgow or a historical moment in time set in the Highlands.

Perhaps it will be a memoir, or maybe it’s written by an author with a connection to Scotland instead – there are so many excellent stories to get lost in!

As long as it’s either set in Scotland or by a Scottish author – anything goes!

Glen Nevis Scotland

Why SCOTLAND for a Book Club?

Scotland is a way for us to narrow down our book of the month, but it’s not slim pickings by any means.

There are SO many to choose from, and they’re not all hyper-focussed on Scotland itself, covering everything from history to sci-fi, crime thrillers and romance.

While we love to read about places we’ve travelled to around the country sometimes Scotland is merely the location of choice rather than a main character.

Sometimes we’ll choose books by Scottish authors that may not be set here at all!

Is it for me?

It’s for everyone! But if you’re on the fence then here are a few of the other benefits we think being a part of a book club can bring:

Reasons to join a book club

  • Take time to do something just for yourself
  • Be motivated to finally finish books and actually have people to discuss them with
  • Discover new genres and authors you might not have otherwise. You may not love every read but they’ll all give you something to think about!
  • Try new things through our virtual events and meet new people from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to join?

Visit our Facebook Group to get started!

Still have questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more insight, come follow us on Instagram and our Facebook Page, and if you’re still not clear, send us an email!